your Wedding day

All you need to know and more!

your Wedding day

All you need to know and more!

pricing & packages

Package ONE

- One photographer
- 8 hours of continuous Photography
- Pre wedding consult for Wedding Timeline.
- 700+ Images in an online gallery
- Sneak Peak the the very next day!


Package two

- One photographer
- 6 hours of continuous Photography
- Pre wedding consult for Wedding Timeline.
- 500+ Images in an online gallery
- Sneak Peak the the very next day!


Package Three

- One photographer
- 4 hours of continuous Photography
- Pre wedding consult for Wedding Timeline.
- 350+ Images in an online gallery
- Sneak Peak the the very next day!



2 Hours Coverage

- 200+ images via Online Gallery
- Ready within 4 weeks
- Travel charges apply from Alstonville


Extra hour Coverage - $399/hour

Second Photographer - $150/hour

Personalised Prints Box with USB & 10 Prints - $159.00

Wedding Albums - Starting From $179.99

Wedding Prints - Starting From $1.99


Hi, my name is cHELSEA


I am the Owner Photographer here at Light at Last Photography. I’m newly married myself, so I know exactly where you’re at right now! I‘m a local to the Northern Rivers, my Husband Zac and I have two little boys, George (4) and Brantley (2). We live on our family farm, super handy when planning any photoshoots! My friends and family would describe me as an outgoing and generous person, I love helping out as much as possible, it’s just who I am, you will likely find me sewing a button on or draining flowers while I’m working away making beautiful lasting moments for your Wedding album. Truth is I love all the in-between parts! I started photographing weddings over 5 years ago, I can absolutely say it’s my dream job, I’ll more than likely shed a tear as you share your first look and again when your parents make that speech they have been preparing since you were born!


Because I freaking love what I do, and I think it shows! I invest time in getting to know who you are as a couple and plan my entire timeline, shooting style, and prompting, in a way that brings out and shows your unique relationship through powerful and beautiful images. You don't just want to look good. You want to have fun and also look natural and like your authentic selves.

It’s not just a click of a button - photographing your wedding is a big responsibility, and you deserve a photographer who has experience, who has professional equipment and backup gear, who knows how to pose people and how to work with harsh or difficult lighting, and who will be there with you and for you, 100% of the way.

Wondering which Package would best suit you?

Start by putting togeather a rough timeline.

Like weddings themselves, timelines can vary widely. It’s entirely up to you both when you would like me to start and when you would like me to finish. Only you will know which parts of your day you’d like to have coverage of. I’ve put together a guideline so you can have a rough idea, but it is only an indication. It does not account for travel time between locations which would have to be added in. The reception time is open ended and your venue will help you with your running sheet to work around your entrees, mains, speeches, first dance etc. (if you don’t have a venue, we can sit down togeather and work these things out, I have plenty of knowledge on DIY Weddings! The timeline will also differ if you are doing a first look, the time in your package with your venue and if you have a videographer who requires more time in preparation. Regardless, I hope I’ve put enough in here to find something relevant for your wedding.


the preparation - 2.5 hrs

I like to arrive before you’re in your outfits, when you’re hanging out in your casual gear, so we can get the whole transformation.
Before I arrive, if you could leave a tidy area with the best window light, it means I won’t need to spend any time cleaning and can get shots of you and your tribe instead. If you’d like a shot of your outfit, leave it hanging in this room and don’t forget to have it on a beautiful hanger!
The time you spend with your tribe in the morning before the ceremony is so special. I love the anticipation, the moment you look in the mirror after getting dressed and the gravity that sinks in that shit is about to get real.

pre ceremony - 0.25 hours

The pre-ceremony is just a little buffer of time where I can get shots of your guests arriving and seeing each other, plus a few details of the ceremony set up.
It’s also an opportunity to run through any last minute things with the celebrant to make sure we’re all on the same page.

the ceremony - 0.5 hrs

Obviously, the thirty minutes I’ve mentioned is nothing more than a vague guide. I’ve seen ceremonies go for 10 minutes, and I’ve seen them go for two hours.
When it comes time to have your first kiss as a married couple, have at it! This isn’t a time to be timid. Make it count and get a great photo while you’re at it.
When you’re walking back down the aisle to the cheers of the crowd, grab each other by the hand and get pumped, you’re married! These photos are some of my favourites. You may have a few aunties trying to reach in to drape those horse shoes over your wrists, but ideally, everyone will save their congratulations for after you’ve walked back down the aisle to allow you that little window of rockstardom!
Providing flower petals at least to the people sitting on the aisle also adds so much to the action of the photos.

the big group pic - 0.25 hrs

The big group photo is optional. I’m not going to sugar coat it, they can be a deadset nightmare. It will depend on where the ceremony is to how big of a nightmare. If you want this shot, the only time to take it is straight after the ceremony when we can funnel all of your guests into one place as close by as possible. The further away we have to go to get this shot, the longer it will take to move sometimes hundreds of people who are catching up and chatting.
Talk to me about your options for this shot at your venue and you can decide if you’d like it or not, it’s also the easiest way to make back some time on the day if we’re running out of time for your portrait session.

the fam - 0.5 hrs

This is our time to get all of those must-have group shots. The kind of photos where you can’t wake up the next day and say “I can’t believe we didn’t get a shot with my grandparents!”
Like the big group photo, these can be a headache to organise as they require a lot of different people who are busy catching up and chatting to not get distracted, stay close and be ready to jump in to their photo. There’s two things that are absolutely crucial to getting through the family photos as painlessly as possible.
Create a list of all the family photos you need, complete with names. Try to make it as condensed as possible.
Ask your loudest, bossiest friend or family member to help organise everyone into their photos in order. Ideally two people, one from each side of the family. They have to understand that their job is important and they have to have a copy of that list. If they’ll be looking after kids at the same time, consider someone else. They should be loud and authoritative, happy to pull people out of conversations. How they do their job can be the difference in getting these shots done in 10 minutes, or having them take half an hour.

bridal party pics - 0.75 hours

Vix ut utinam feugait. Eu scribentur liberavisse nec. Dico fugit nostro cu pri, no putent nemore mel, ius at minim molestiae.

portraits - 0.75 hrs

When we get to the portrait session, something you may not have anticipated is just how much you’ll enjoy taking this time away from your wedding party to actually celebrate privately with your new husband or wife.
As amazing as it is to have all of your closest friends and family with you on one day, congratulating you, it can also get a bit overwhelming as it’s the most attention you’ve ever received in your life. So take this time to just enjoy each other, it’s your wedding day!
If at any moment you want to head back to your guests, or go and chill out with some wine and canapés, let me know. I’m here to help you guys do it your way and have the best wedding day possible.

the reception - NTL

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s raise the roof for the newly married couple!
We’ve made it back for your announcement. Hopefully you’ve had a few minutes to chill. You can basically forget about me from here on out as I’ll be roaming around taking photos of everyone having a banging time!
Sunset Photos! This may or may not be an option depending on where you’re getting married, the weather, and the reception schedule, but it’s something to keep in mind when formulating the timings with your venue.
You can check out what time the sun will set on your wedding day here:
If, throughout the reception, there’s an interesting night shot to get, I may come and grab you. You may appreciate the break from the wedding or you might tell me to bugger off, your favourite song is on. As long as you’re staying true to yourself and what you want, I’m happy and we’re going to get some amazing photos together.

What to Expect 

My shot list

Each Wedding is Unique - and these are definitely not the only shots I will get, But these are the ones that are commonly included in most weddings I capture!

getting ready & details

  • bride’s dress & groom’s suit
  • bride’s shoes & groom’s shoes
  • jewellery, bouquet, boutonnieres & rings
  • bride getting makeup done
  • bride getting hair done
  • bride putting on dress
  • bride putting on veil
  • bride putting on jewelry
  • candids of bridesmaids/groomsmen
  • groom putting on jacket


  • ceremony site & details
  • everyone walking down aisle
  • groom’s reaction
  • bride’s reaction
  • exchanging of rings
  • first kiss
  • details of guests


We will cover all standard family combos, and start with a large group shot. I’ll work flexibly shooting as many different combinations of family and extended family as possible during our allocated time. Any groups that we cannot shoot during Family Photos, we will shoot during the reception. It’s super handy if you have a list o of combinations and a designated person to help with identifying the family members in each combo.

couples Portraits

  • shot of rings
  • groom only
  • groom’s details
  • bride only
  • bride’s details
  • bride and groom together
  • I don’t have a specific list of poses that
  • I follow - it depends on the couple, the
  • dress, etc. I also like to let things happen
  • more naturally. But if you have a specific
  • pose that you’ve seen & love, let me know!

bridal party

  • bride with bridesmaids
  • groom with groomsmen
  • bride with each bridesmaid
  • groom with each groomsman
  • entire party together
  • fun shots and formal shots


  • cake
  • decorations
  • bridal party entrance
  • guests mingling and table shots
  • guest interactions
  • toasts & speeches
  • first dance, parent dances & guests dancing
  • cake cutting
  • bouquet & garter toss
  • grand exit

Travel Charges

Travel Costs apply to your session if I am travelling to a location of your choice. This is calculated from Alstonville, NSW. When applying travel to your wedding day, consider the route to include all destinations until the last stop.

$1.25 / km

Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are the best way for us to get to know each other. They help us get a feel for your natural chemistry and figure out how we can tell the absolute best version of your story. It will also make you feel so much more comfortable on the wedding day.

The entire experience from session planning, wardrobe styling through to actually taking four beautiful memories is such a fun experience!

We want to ensure that the photos we capture are meaningful and special!


How far in advance do we need to book?

Depending on the month you’re getting married, I’m often booked a year or two in advance. I limit the number of weddings that I take on each year to assure that I’ll have ample time to focus on each one individually, so it’s worth reaching out sooner rather than later to reserve your date. It’s always best to complete your booking as soon as you’re sure I’m the photographer for you. A signed contract and a deposit are due to reserve your date.

Can we ask you to tentatively hold a date for us?

All dates are available on a first come, first served basis. I'm only able to reserve your date when both a contract and a Deposit have been submitted.

How long after our wedding do we have to wait to get our photos?

A sneak peek will be sent to you within 24 hours to seven days of your wedding. My standard contracts stipulate a maximum of 16 weeks for delivery of your full gallery, but I always strive to deliver wedding galleries within eight to twelve weeks of your wedding date.

How will we receive our photos?

Once your photos are ready, you will receive a link to a password protected online gallery that contains all of the finished photos from your wedding day for you to view, download and share

What are the next steps if we would like to book you?

If you book me as your wedding photographer there will be an initial questionnaire that I’ll ask you to fill out to get a basic feel for your wedding day. A signed contract and Deposit of approximately 20% will be due to reserve your date.